What’s about to happen in 2020?

20.20 knowledge: h=JW A question when in our history since 2020 years we all could see what happens at or in the world? Or how could it be made possible to do so? Since when we could messaging too everyone on the globe? Or how did one could call someone if there stood written in the bible call the Lorde? Exploding the last 20 years <=> So did/do climate reacted 2 us! For if it in that time the time wouldn’t be shortened everything will be destroyed? Now what I would simply question you the meaning of the 3th Wéh’s, not it means the 3th world war, we see the triple double you WWW! Something happens out of no-where where nobody did do the question where does this goes too; when we all make use of it? I mention the request; that reforming everything in a stream or saying A = Ampère is a frequention rate within the charge which due joules power generates. Now joules has its expression on the pressures (sky) so science view: Joule = Pa/m³; this m³ is the volume of our atmosphere and we sending waves = frequenting gulfs = actually a kind of stream so we beeping our volume up and we change our climate abrupt; cuz its normal pressure flow is put under pressures. How we see this easy: “Energy Photon = h . f” In reformation Energy Photon = Joule and we measure Joule = A4, h into A6 and frequention (f) = 1/A2. So we have got when “Eph/f = h” we described this equality in A6 = A6 and the number h (constant of Planck) = 6,626 . 10-34 J.s A 666 number which called for IQ & mensATuring: A6 = A6 and denoted J/Hz = h or soundable as hades = hell the truth³ World Wide Web! See: when Energy photon is expressed in Joules & Energy it raises due a double A = A2 denoted under the demonAter = enhighering f = Hz you see Joules also called to measure Heatens; it cause for enhighering the pressure (paTmosphere) cuz Joule = Pa/m³ and if Joule raise Pa = Pressure raise within the m³ = volume! Which as its influence on climate global seen! So what do we have to do with the overcapacity? Download it out of the air instead on our apparature! Simply said, for now, it is needy & possible! Pls. Send my message to your friends and let 2020 be the moment of inconvenient awareness & consciousness joy! Jh.O-D

More info at http://www.oue.one

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