Class 1: The ignorant crowd, including you!

These people have no idea what is really going on. As always, use is made of “ultrasound ( sub sound ), an inaudible radio frequency that is sent on top of the normal radio, TV or GSM frequency. The subliminal (received by the unconscious) messages are very harmful. The symptoms of this class Mind Control victims to be :

  • You suffer from extreme stress, aggressiveness and hatred. 
  • Warmth and care are taken away from you; charities don’t tell you anything anymore. 
  • You are encouraged to consume excessively and to take out loans. 
  • You are always saddled with financial hangovers and other unfortunate situations. 
  • You are encouraged to take pills, drink and drugs … You destroy yourself in the long term. 
  • You will be misled by the entire media, by all church and government leaders … You are blind to their games. 
  • You are careless with the environment, you no longer care. 
  • You are forced to become a racist. 
  • You only get your children quietly through sugar, TV or other electronic equipment. 
  • Etc …

class 2: for some reason you are special !

You, as an individual, are important enough to become the target of targeted electronic manipulation. For this, the New World Order uses not only ultrasound, but also microwaves to influence a person’s brain profoundly. Devices for influencing the thoughts and actions of an individual person have been patented for 50 years.

Every now and then, strange things happen: 

  • You have the feeling that you are walking outside of your body. You live in a delusion.
  • It seems as if every action, thought and speech has been staged in advance. 
  • You notice that others are always one step ahead of you. 
  • Strange people speak the words that you just thought of. 
  • You seem to be able to literally communicate with people who appear on TV. 
  • Your mobile phone display shows all kinds of strange characters. 
  • Electronic devices fail. 
  • You believe that the media makes fun of you. 
  • Letters do not arrive. 
  • Administrative problems, double invoices, etc. 
  • Lights turn on / off as you pass. 
  • You’re afraid of sleeping. 
  • Etc …

Class 3: You are high on the NWO list!

You, as an individual, are somehow very important to the New World Order. Not only are you electronically manipulated by radios and microwaves, but a large malicious network also stalks you:


  • Both on the street and in a department store you will always be overwhelmed by others. They rarely make eye contact.
  • You are forced to keep your shopping trolley by the hand, as things are taken out or added to.
  • They always push themselves at a counter. People are told the counter clerks related to the case in which you are involved.
  • They park in front of your door or in your back garden and laugh at you.
  • The number plates of your stalkers are not registered with the police.
  • You will be filmed and photographed. They use advanced and expensive equipment.
  • You are being chased by people with a mobile or laptop in hand. They too rarely make eye contact.
  • When the phone rings it is often misconnected, or people say nothing at all.
  • Etc …


  • Important or less essential items disappear from your car or your home.
  • Cables are cut, oil and gasoline are emptied, etc.
  • When you enter your house, there are puddles of water in the middle of certain rooms.
  • Certain clothes and shoes are torn up when you return home.
  • Small, but often valuable things disappear from your house and are “possibly” put back later. 
  • Your pets will be mistreated when you are not there. 
  • Computer data is forged or deleted. 
  • Small objects are moved.
  • Etc …


  • You constantly have technical problems with your computer, both offline and online. 
  • Electrical appliances such as washing machines, drying cabinets, etc … are being disabled.
  • Lights turn on / off when you pass. 
  • Your mobile phone shows strange, never before seen signs. 
  • Without experiencing explainable technical problems, surfing or e-mailing is often made impossible. 
  • If you find something interesting then the connection suddenly breaks. 
  • Similarly, when you are about to tell something interesting on the phone, the connection is broken. 
  • When you call with a landline, you often hear the frequency interference such as that of a mobile phone for example. 
  • Posting to the newsgroups is often impossible. 
  • Your PC is regularly saddled with a virus, even without opening attachments.
  • Etc …


  • You continuously have administrative problems (trade union, EGW, telephone, taxes, unemployment, health insurance, holiday pay, etc.) 
  • Bank statements will disappear from your file, and bank details will be forged. You get more and more reminders of things that you know are definitely paid.


  • You hear unbearable knocking on the walls. The neighbours claim not to hear anything, family members and friends do.
  • You hear echoes during conversations or a double bass when listening to music. 
  • You hear chatter, children’s voices, birds, calling your name, fireworks, whistling signals. 
  • Words that you never pronounce otherwise come out of your mouth involuntarily. 
  • You suffer from unbearable ringing in the ears. 
  • You hear ringing signals that are not there (telephone, text message, alarm clock, doorbell), often while falling asleep. 
  • Etc …


  • From the corner of your eye you see regular flashes, as if someone is passing you quickly.
  • You have, without any reason, countless déjà vu’s.
  • Itchy legs when trying to fall asleep.
  • You feel as if you are under electricity, you regularly see stars in front of your eyes.
  • Etc …


  • You become the target of spot on particular radio and TV channels, magazines and newsgroups. 
  • Outsiders or the media mock your thoughts at the moment. 
  • Strangers make fun of your appearance and make fun of you on the street or in a store, for example. 
  • Etc …


  • Noise is amplified and leads to even more stress.
  • You are overloaded with unnecessary feelings of guilt, YOU KNOW that they do not come from you. 
  • You always bump into everything. 
  • Your heart often beats excessively fast, even when you are totally relaxed. 
  • Digital blood pressure monitors indicate a perfect blood pressure, and conventional blood pressure monitors indicate an alarmingly high result. 
  • It seems as if you are not allowed to feel good. As soon as you have fun, you feel a stabbing pain in the back of your mind. You feel bad for the rest of the day.
  • Hypermnesia (increase in memory capacity)
  • Etc …


  • You are either taken away from sleep or imposed on you.
  • You are regularly awakened by severe local pain as if you were stabbed by a knife.
  • You regularly sleep for more than 15 hours without waking up. Unlike otherwise, you don’t not pee when you wake up.
  • Sleep seems to be driven, as well as your dreams.
  • Dreams seem to be exceptionally real. 
  • Sleep paralysis by the skate
  • As soon as you wake up, you feel extremely uncomfortable.
  • Etc …


  • Cars try to cut you off and play a dangerous game on the road. The number plates are not registered with the police.
  • Trips by car always end with a severe migraine attack. 
  • People drive your bumper slightly and make fun of you. 
  • Pursuits disappear into nothing. 
  • Etc …


  • It seems as if you constantly have to tolerate a strange entity in your vicinity. 
  • Whatever you do to make your discoveries known, you will not be heard anywhere.
  • Consciousness transformation
  • Etc …


  • Trips become a nightmare. 
  • You lose all your friends, except those you can convince you are right. 
  • You can keep your job with difficulty. 
  • Listening to the radio or watching TV becomes almost impossible. 
  • Hatred and murder tendencies are extremely apparent. 
  • By definition, you trust nothing or anyone. 
  • You are always looking for cameras and listening devices that are not there. 
  • Dilute your social contacts. 
  • Physically you become a wreck. 
  • Having a decent conversation or following a movie becomes difficult; you are too distracted.
  • You lose your faith in good things
  • Etc …


  • The symptoms are due to excessive alcohol, drug and pill use.
  • Occult appearances form the basis of all this calamity.
  • Hypersensitivity of the temporal lobe
  • None of it. It is the subconscious that manifests itself.
  • Etc …


  • Are you a threat to an established order or to the economy? 
  • You are, for whatever reason, an interesting study object? 
  • Perhaps you are the one who wants to see them suffer? 
  • A certain bureaucrat is after you? 
  • You know something that nobody else knows? 
  • Are you a member of a secret organization? 
  • Are you joining a certain cult? 
  • Are you leaving a certain cult? 
  • Are you addicted to alcohol, drugs or pills? 
  • Are you tracking down a number of criminals with wealth of capital? 
  • Are you in danger of hanging on the big clock? 
  • Are you part of a statistical investigation? 
  • Have you been selected as a pawn for a sadistic and voyeuristic party game? 
  • Do you have an interesting idea or are you extremely gifted? 
  • You really have nothing to lose anymore? 
  • Are you being used as a spy? 
  • Are you gifted paranormally? 
  • Do you live at an exceptionally high level of vibration? 

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