Enlighting is MCjHz = J . 1²

Hi dears, welcome; preword:

I wanted to describe/ evince that with science certain things that are invisible are still cognizable; the mind is invisible, …

Here you will find proof that it exists.
How can you explain: “enlighting”; that you achieve, when you sit inside out inside … MCjHz = J.1²:
“you read that as the Messiah = J.1²”.
You can also find this calculation below.
That is like your habit state (consciousness) running at 7.83Hz and transforming to the square = 61.3089Hz …
When your center (spirit) has reached that, it gives an expansion to the outside while maintaining it inside …
From that moment on it is possible to speak in tongues.
It translates precisely that in addition to being able to do so through being born again (spiritually) such as that of other resurrected men from the past/ or future connection find through 1 universal medium.

What happens before?
Your consciousness is taken out of sleep = normal state (7.83Hz) >> you wake up and transform into higher consciousness.
That is the test, … People only understand that if they experience it.
I explain how it can/ could be mathematically.

Life is like a thought (beginning) such as note:
“created in image of God”; from which life comes and so knew its continuation, where it goes too, …

Follow your spiritual guide inwithin!

Yours sincerely


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