Thou shall build 3D-printed hemp houses like this!

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    the full spectrum at any finite size

    Scientific [a] particle’s momentum and position cannot both be constraint(s) on making perfectly accurate measurements – (epistemological variance X time di-synchrony)

    an argument about mechanisms that create an essential separability of position and momentum as at any quantum integuments’ di-synchrony . . .  

    progress always reaches a certain limit, ontology/epistemology di-synchronies appear to become enemies; quantum mechanics, uncertainty

    principle states that in practice, quantum physics involves applying the theory effectively in order or chaordic assembly, scattering amplitudes

    for example – in any given season. However, when multiple seasons are combined, these plays no longer lead, due to absolute differences such

    as total number of tines can suffer from paradoxes. ‘Simpson’s paradox’ describes the way that a trend appearing independently, several

    data-sets can disappear or even reverse coming from a bias or an imperfection in the field, (when they’re combined –) .|. accidents as Gell-Mann would



    1. Hi, I start figuring out how this site works, so sorry for the delay. Thank you for sending me this article. It’s true. Many strange things happen in quantum. I(m studying quantum as we speak, very interesting. Thanks and have a great life, my friend.


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