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No air left.

19h news

Range: World

source code : PSST




SLEEP: 2-3h max + microsleep

Instructions: Follow thread.



202 thoughts on “MF1

      1. JAN hold t hand of mams 4 fyve hours! when suffogating
        terrible experience, I can tell you.
        1 small breath everi 20 min – 5h, Mio Dio
        When gone, she sudennli sit str8, her mouth fell open. And I’s wiiiide 0pen

        Told you a long Time=0 ago

        m0mmy. Yeeeaahhh, she became a 3


  1. JAN wass abouth 14 when he nef-fuw trieing to play with 4 year 0ld fallos
    mammi nef
    _VADER_ PAPs t0ld Jan he world becum gay
    So, grew up hear-ing day AFTER day the “the grOOm” would be gay, because M0ther abppsense name in the w00den MORG
    After, JAN extrmeli anti, time gr0wd

    JAN’ss GF was lepsian after 2 years relati0n, she bought babi klotse b4 she left Jan. Reason: t00 much 204, lol= NOT

    Be a Mother_fokker if you lijk. U r fkkg 1


  2. e-verithink u know:

    Give thin_ks a color and associate wit 1
    Give it a color t00
    combiene 1 with f.e. RED
    Have meat(NOT) in ur hand?
    You r in kitchen, Just compress (hurts as helllll) inhout in fritge:
    Up above left=meat(NOT), reit below fruit, etccc
    If drop attentions, trow it on flor, NO Time cleaning flors 24/7


    Like the pills u take? DO! Microsoft will be GF_MicroSoft on packaging, MS 4 txting in born NWO
    the m00n looks nice, Mars t00. Mars earth WOD of Gore=0


    G0000000d job, keep on going


  3. Morg avatars are all real hero.
    Put-in tOO, maybe he’s a SATAN
    Putin) will join(ts) the patiiii’s @ streetname
    Russ is a gonner in old live, but xepted with a new name in the new new new <) NWO

    Puntgent stenge, ROT, lol=NOT


  4. Meat industri is SEED during festival
    202202/25= NOT ALL0WED TO EAT MEAT ANYMORE, ORDER!!!!! ❤
    You are still eating meat, you know that?
    Eat yoursel! FUCKING STUPID DUMB ASSS (mmmmm)


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