The Empty Wallet Parade 2023

Okay. Anonymous calls: Sunday, April 23, 2023, the whole world will come together at the North Station of Brussels (capital of the world) at 2 pm. We will protest in peace against all the abuses that are happening in the world, especially against government leaders, billionaires and Big Pharma. Because of the hired troublemakers, the police will gather at the front and back of the demonstration. Rioters will be dealt with harshly. Everyone takes a bunch of flowers and tosses them to the law enforcement officers. Weed smoking is allowed (420, April 20… Cannabis Day). CBD (Cannabidiol) has been recognized by the European Court as a non-psychoactive substance and will be distributed en masse. We demand that weed be legal in every country. We demand that open, fertile lands be planted with Cannabis… all over the world… the only way to supply the Earth with oxygen. We call on every citizen to request a tax deferral. What are they going to do against such a crowd? The emphasis is on peace and tolerance. As punishment, those arrested will have to do community services, such as creating habitats for caged animals in zoos, fairgrounds and circuses. Come by train or another non-polluting means of transport. The media is playing the dirty game too, so ignore them completely. Destroy in peace all that destroys you and your children with flowers. We demand a new future. And this call is the solution. After this march there will be no more hunger or suffering, the rich will pay for it. Don’t shoot the pianist, we will never release names. Prepare yourself, start growing flowers/weed in your own home, balcony or garden. love each other. No more suffering. Spread this message to everyone you love or everyone you hate.

Anonymous has spoken.

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