Message from One is looking for sponsors

So, from 2004 to 2022 I took you on a quest for Enlightenment. It was hard and cost me blood, sweat and tears to make the world a better place. I have reached thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people with my music and messages. I often worked 18 hours a day and slept only two hours a day. This caused me to regularly end up in a psychiatry. (I was right all along)

In a period of 18 years I made about 700 songs. Many liked many not. But my messages, (containing the truth), are spread all over the world. Many people have benefited from it. The music was always secondary.

My sister left me some money after she died. Most of the legacy has gone into buying VSTs (plugins, synths) and sample packs, so I’m seeing black snow right now. (I do not have any money left)

Gloomer/Gloomy’s music is free to download, so I don’t earn a penny on it.

Now I have decided that you are far enough along in my quest for the “Holy Grail”, I have found it, I have been allowed to sip on it. But the rabbit hole goes deep, I didn’t expect this.

Just to mention, revealing that I’ve been downloading royalty free samples day and night for 14 years. And I use the sounds of the so-called all of the Earth to make my music, that’s the point. The whole world made Gloomy’s music.

For all these reasons I am looking for sponsors of all kinds.

The money will be used for, among other things: the repairs to my house (Built around 1850). Due to subsidence and an asbestos roof, I may be on the street in the future. I also need to have money to vlog, you will be mentioned. Repairs to my computer, etc…

My biggest goal is to help the homeless, the whole world in fact. Everyone deserves the right to exist with pleasure and Love.

Can you spend some money, please send me an email via the contact form. I will give you my bank account number and you’re money will be spend well. 1 will become huge!


You will survive. forever yours,

Gloomy, December 2022

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