Shake up the world. (18+)

Shake up the world. (18+)

I was a 4-year-old toddler when I found a stack of porn books in my grandfather’s workshop and thought, “Ah, that’s what adults do”. I thought it was a bit strange, but interesting and regularly sniffed the books.

When I was 17, our cleaning lady took her grandchild to our house every week. She was 7.

After a while the child regularly gave me cards with sweet words and lipstick kisses, hearts and stars. Then she would sit on my lap and start giving me real kisses. She said she loved to see me. I didn’t see the problem, I didn’t know that such behavior was not allowed.

At one point she said: “Can I dance naked for you? I always do that for my father.” At that time there was no talk of pedophilia or incest, so I didn’t know that was “wrong”. My answer now was, “Wouldn’t you wait until you’re 17 to start a relationship?”

Before I knew it she was dancing for me without skirt and panties. Of course I was stimulated and got an erection. Thinking about my grandfather’s books, who also did it with my mother, I took my penis out of my pants and asked her: “Is your father’s bigger?” Her answer was yes.

I only had to touch “him” and I felt that I was about to come. “She can’t see this,” I thought to myself. I turned around and came in my handkerchief.

I never penetrated her.

The next day, at school, I spread my story. I also wrote it down in my journal that I knew was going to be read by others one day.

One day we were “caught” by her grandmother. She may have filed a police report. I noticed that in the behavior of the police over the years. Also here and there I was told that “many pedophiles lived in my hometown”.

Being an investigative journalist, I found a cookbook on the internet. There were recipes on how to make a nice meal from a child. After reading it I was in bed for weeks.

I spent years feeling guilty about what we did. I could no longer look children in the eye. I started to hate them, especially while playing. So innocent, it seems.

in the 2020s I first spoke about the case with a good friend of mine. He assured me that I was not a pedophile, on the contrary. And I’m not a pedophile at all. Having sex with children has never meant anything to me. So I hope for your understanding.

But the story continues. As said, I did a lot of research on the internet. Guys, what I encountered there, but I’m going to keep quiet about that.

I stumbled upon the worldwide pedophile network. Dutroux, for example, he took care of the provisions. A child’s buttock easily cost around 12,500 euros. Food feasts, rituals were organized, which were streamed to payers. Epstein states.

And that brings us to the conspiracy fact. Royal houses, government leaders, judges, lawyers. A lot of them.. Blah blah… Do some research if you don’t believe me. But not too much, because there is simply no more time.

Because of this, with this revelation, their Empire is at an end. The arrival of Mind Cameras will put an end to this. The collective consciousness will make contact and you will learn everything.

There’s no point in hiding everything. Everything is known. Therefore: do good, not bad.

Use this message to create a better world, help is on the way.



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