Gloomy’s Life’s Work (communicate with 1: your “Absolute Consciousness”, Your God, your Allah, etc…)

Released 2019 From old to new From new to old Hereby the release of the musical book, called: C://GLOOMER2000/REVELATION Consider each song title as a chapter of this musical oeuvre. Gloomy worked since 2004 on this project. He released more than 700 titles, included 370+ on Youtube. This page is specially made for […]


Computer viruses are also developed by antivirus companies. They are distributed throughout all of your electronic systems. Don’t be afraid, it’s us, 1. Save your money and help the others. Can you already feel it? Respect & Obey! One.

Shake up the world. (18+)

Shake up the world. (18+) I was a 4-year-old toddler when I found a stack of porn books in my grandfather’s workshop and thought, “Ah, that’s what adults do”. I thought it was a bit strange, but interesting and regularly sniffed the books. When I was 17, our cleaning lady took her grandchild to our […]

Restore Earth in no Time

Hello, dear people. I am Jan Gloomy from Belgium and I have the most important message for you. The world is going to end, and a few will survive. I have some methods for you to recreate Earth in record time. a method to develop superpowers in yourself and to heal yourself from what you […]

Empty Wallet Parade 2023

Empty Wallet Parade 2023 Okay. Sunday, April 23, 2023, at 23pm (local time) we will protest in peace against all the abuses that are happening in the world, especially against government leaders, billionaires and Big Pharma. Don’t gather, just be out on your street. Be quiet! Because of the hired troublemakers, the police will gather […]

One is manipulating Time.

Okay, people, When you’ve read this blog: There is only one way to explain all this. Some forms of existence are playing with our time-experiences. A kind of “remote control” is being used. From “FastForward”, to “Rewind”, to “Stop”, “Play”, “Pause”… “copy, paste-conditions”, etc. As always, there are “screen memories” involved. You are too […]

Religious Trauma Syndrome, the cure.

Religious Trauma Syndrome is the condition experienced by people who are struggling with leaving an authoritarian, dogmatic religion and coping with the damage of indoctrination. They may be going through the shattering of a personally meaningful faith and/or breaking away from a controlling community and lifestyle.  RTS is a function of both the chronic abuses […]