What do we learn of the rise of the sea?

SealEvel : What do we learn of the rise of the sea? Has it due not salty water is lighter than salt water, which the golfstream could break its warm influence in the nord >> ice age … A equivalence occurs around 144.000 years and last time they measured that the climate and vegetation in  less than […]

3rd Message From One – This Is Not Your World

THIS IS NOT YOUR WORLD LYRICS : Listen carefully ! This is not your world. The real world is called 1. You are connected with us : Your future me. Your brain is too limited to understand. Your future “Me”. But know this: It’s time to move ! Earth hardly exists anymore ! Prepare for […]

Let’s play a fun game!

Hey dear people, Gloomer / Gloomy has released almost 700 tracks in 15 years. Every title has a special meaning. Consider each title as a chapter of my autobiographical book. I am convinced that we can communicate with each other telepathically. 1 / Ask yourself any question2 / Go to Google for Gloomy, Jan Gloomy, […]