Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields.

As we wrote earlier this year, most of you are getting harassed by electromagnetic fields, see:

“According to published research, the effects of low-intensity EMF include: increased cancer risk, cellular stress, free radical formation, increased permeability of the blood brain barrier, and genetic damage. Other potential effects include learning and memory deficits, neurologic/neurotransmitter disorders, reproductive effects, and negative impacts on general well-being. Moreover, there is growing evidence of harmful effects. on plant and animal life.”


You can use this document as proof that these things have been patented since decades:

Now, don’t worry, because it’s all in the mind. It’s your Matrix, which you have created. In fact, there are no such things as EMF’s/ULF’s or whatever. So, if you believe this rubbish, you will suffer from it. This is how it works. Don’t make it worse. That why I propose you to become One and transcend those “bad” frequencies. It’s possible.

Keep on checking out our writings.

You will stay safe. Believe in it.



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