Thank you Ossie Osbourne and Black Sabbath

“Jantje” was born on February 25th 1968. Now, 53 years later, in 2021, he likes it to be called Jan Gloomy.

Since he was a kid, every other kid bullied him because he was too fat. The things they did to him were terrible, too hard to describe. So hard that he couldn’t resist being bullied.

He grew up in an exceptional family. Meanwhile, after the fact that he found out that Santa, Sinterklaas, the Easter bells, and much more fairytales didn’t exist, he was devastated, and he became a kind of “psychotic”, Paranoid. The whole world lied to him, especially his family. As a result of that, he didn’t believe anything or anyone anymore.

Every Sunday, his “father” forced him to listen to Bible chapters, reading aloud for hours and hours. Jan didn’t believe a thing about it anymore.

At the age of 11, he went to a Catholic boarding school for almost ten years.

On that day, his mother took him by the hand, leading him to a big mirror, while she said: “look at this beautiful, big guy. Why don’t you resist being bullied?” From his dear sister (RIP), he received the first album of Black Sabbath for his birthday. The music completely blew him away. The lyrics made him think: “why don’t I try the opposite of what I was imagining”. So he began to believe in Satan and became a bullier himself.

He started to investigate evilness, occultism, paranormal activities and so on. He sold his soul to the devil at the age of 11.

During high school, being an adolescent, he did some admittedly terrible things, again, too hard to describe. Every second of the day, he was praying to Satan, asking him for guidance. He followed the signs that were given to him. He shouldn’t have done that. He was young and still very naïve!

Later on, when he graduated (at the age of 20), he got a vision: There was a God, but he didn’t want to call him that way. He considered it to be a kind of Oneness, a collective.

After investigating the whole thing for years and years, he found out that it was all about frequencies, algorithms, colours, numbers, symbols, etc.

He became an investigative journalist for the rest of his life. He started to put his attention on every conspiracy theories that existed. Now, anno 2021, they are considered to be conspiracy facts.

Anyway, around the year 2000, he found some real sinister stuff on the internet. Oh, how naive and how foolish he was. He shared the information on the World Wide Web and had transferred over 300 copies to official Belgian instances. A dossier of around 79 pages. Big Bummer, he had to pay for his deeds. I won’t go into detail because reading that stuff means risking your life.

Anyway, ten years before the movie “The Matrix” was released, a UFO-specialist had sent him an e-mail with the words: “Welcome to the Matrix”.

Yes, this was what he was looking for. He started to understand that everything was fake, an illusion, a kind of holographic existence. And there were several parties involved.

In 2004 he was given the music-making program called FL Studio, and he started composing some real dark shizzle (Inspired by Black Sabbath in combination with the real Belgian New Beat). He chooses the alias: Gloomer. Surely you will understand the reason why. His mission became to share his secret information through his music which he published widely. Oh, what a fool he was.

The Ruling Class, The Elite, some of you call them the Illuminati, weren’t pleased with all of that. So they messed up his life real bad. They threatened to kill all of his loved ones. (hush now).

After a lot of mental and physical suffering, he decided that it was time to do the opposite. He left the internet for a while and called himself Gloomy instead of Gloomer. When you pronounce “Gloomy” in a mirror, it seems that you are smiling at “yourself”. Thanks to many friends’ help, he started to accept that evilness is a good thing because there are two sides to One coin. It’s all about balance, harmony, Yin and Yang.

But still, Gloomy couldn’t keep his mouth shut about many secret things that were happening in this world. Because of thinking in frequencies, it wasn’t difficult to predict the future, which was proved often. A good example was his track called “Drumstep Plague.” He knew that Covid-19 was about to come. He knew the fact that we are heading to a kind of Apocalypse. Conspiracies became facts to the rest of the world.

99,9% of the time, Gloomy stayed positive because he knew that Love is the only way to survive. But still, he went too far. And he started to get ill.

No need to explain why and how anymore.

Try to think and communicate as animals and plants do. Talk about your information to them, not to other people, because you won’t survive this Apocalypse.

Hereby I want to express much love to all my fans and friends, even to my haters. They hàve to know that I was misled doing some terrible acts. And I regret all of it. I suffered all my life by the misleading of the so-called “Satan”. I should have known better, but I was very young and very naive. My sincere apologies to everyone who suffered from my doings. Ordo ab Chao, sweet people. Try to understand.

Que sera sera. And I will (!) appreciate it.

With this, my sincere apologies to the important people or instances in which I have put in insufficient daylight. I was a fool. I still am a fool. Forgive me for my ignorance. Now, I know I was born knowing everything and will die knowing nothing. But I’m enjoying every moment again, even with all my discomforts. Thanks to Black Sabbath and my dearest Ossie!

Zero, the Hero. Live long and prosper.

Jantje Gloomy.

“We sail through endless skies
Stars shine like eyes, the black night sighs
The moon in silver dreams
Pours down in beams, light of the night
The earth, a purple blaze
Of sapphire haze in orbit always

While down below the trees
Bathed in cool breeze, silver starlight
Breaks dawn from night
And so, we pass on by
The crimson eye of great God Mars
As we travel the universe”

(Planet Caravan – Black Sabbath)


“You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe,” says Morpheus.
“You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

“He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby becomes a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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