Restore Earth in no Time

Hello, dear people.

I am Jan Gloomy from Belgium and I have the most important message for you. The world is going to end, and a few will survive. I have some methods for you to recreate Earth in record time. a method to develop superpowers in yourself and to heal yourself from what you are suffering from (if you can’t undo the damage you will die. But dying is a party, that will become clear to you later.

First I explain how you can save the earth by the summer of 2023:

  • First of all, Hemp must be grown on any empty, fertile soil.

A tree needs 30 years to grow, Cannabis is fully grown between 8 and 13 weeks.

Weed emits more oxygen than a tree.

It is stronger than steel, and more heat and cold resistant than most things on Earth.

You can make anything with it: from plastic, cars, toilet paper, 3D-printed houses, clothing, writing paper, you name it.

This message will ensure that all drugs in non-lethal doses will be allowed around the world.

You will need a prescription for this from your doctor, after which you will receive a free dose from the pharmacy.

The Police will be able to focus on more, more pleasant things.

Persons who will suffer financial damage, such as dealers, paper or other manufacturers, will all be allocated a luxury tiny house with a garden for free.

Who’s going to pay for that? The richest people in the world. They will be required to deposit 1/x of their earnings on a dedicated financial platform to save the Planet.

CBD, and cannabis with non-psychoactive substances will also be available for free at the pharmacy. The benefits of Cannabidiol (which you can vape or drip under the tongue) are staggering, it even cures cancer.

You will notice that your life will change drastically but positively. If you don’t smoke, make a nice tea out of it.

2/ Start directing seawater to areas where it is dry at record speed. Use the largest tunnel construction machines that exist for this. Build underground reservoirs that collect the water, filtered. All the junk that doesn’t belong in the oceans will be filtered into clean drinking water.

Organize a platform of all the divers in the world, and have them clean up rubbish and build coral reefs in every place at the same time.

3/ Start building as many floating cities as possible, made of Hemp.. Follow the example of the Dutch.

4/ Make sure that every animal, plant and human need is met. Provide hemp shelters for every animal on earth.

5/ To prevent hunger, provide every person, for free, something because NRG5 calls them bars full of minerals, and vitamins. Homeless people are also all assigned a luxurious hemp tiny house with a garden. NRG5 will be distributed worldwide in 1 day if you get this organized.

6/ Put a traffic sign with a smiley at every intersection.

7/ Stick window stickers on your street-side windows, cheerful things that make you happy, such as smileys, bears, and hearts, be unique.

8/ Make use of an invisible manure pit in your yard. Collect all organic waste and dispose of it in nature.

9/ Use the pavers from your front yard for something else and turn it into a beautiful, cheerful game of nature.

10/ Let Hemp build the roofs of new houses, every roof has its own piece of nature. Be original.

11/ Don’t try to kill anything with eyes. They are now cloning animals to be able to eat meat. However, it is not going fast enough.

12/ Work is underway on a new world language that needs to be learned soon. Fragments of that language can be heard on this site :

The site is fascinating for scientists, linguists, Philosophers, Mathematicians, etc. Most of us won’t understand it but just listen to his sound clips. It is a good friend of mine and will help harmonize the world.

13/ Hunting is prohibited unless there is a danger to society or property distractions. Criminals get a luxury tiny house with a garden.

14/ Banks give 1/xst of their income to the platform.

15/ Paranormal things do not exist, but many of you will experience this more and more. The reason is that this “reality” is shifting. It’s all math, all 1. Immerse yourself in “Reality Warping”.

  1. Ovid is deliberately manufactured and spread. Same for the Oekraïne war. By whom? Only a few know that. It’s all for saving the Planet and humankind.
  2. In the law of conservation of energy, everything continues to exist, including you. Accept that all is well and loving. 1 is Love.
  3. Cages will be abolished as soon as possible. Every living thing deserves to be happy.
  4. Zoos disappear or are transformed into a paradise for the critters. Make sure that the people are not visible to the animals, but the other way around.

It is your duty to respond ASAP. No time to lose.

Please spread this message far.

Only <3, only 1.


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