Various Artists – Reiki Metta

Because Seva and Gloomy have been friends for 12.5 years, Gloomy had the idea of sealing this friendship and celebrating it with a free album. Because both are very spiritual and Seva a reiki master, it has become an album for our spiritual listening friends and for everyone who wants to experience musically love. Gloomy and Seva have asked befriended artists and producers to work with and that worked out fine. The artists on this album have all worked with their soul and bliss to take you, the listener, on a musical, journey of love. Enjoy the sounds of the best producers and artists in this area. Everyone has cooperated free of charge on this project. Even the mastering was done for free by super master and dance producer Mark van Rijswijk.

Remember, this album will alter your DNA positively.

Immerse yourself in the world of metta-loving kindness.

In metta,

Gloomy and Seva

Free stream and download @

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