Gloomy’s Life’s Work (communicate with 1: your “Absolute Consciousness”, Your God, your Allah, etc…)

Released 2019

Hereby the release of the musical book, called:


Consider each song title as a chapter of this musical oeuvre. Gloomy worked 15 years on this project. He released more than 700 titles, included 360+ on Youtube.

This page is specially made for conspiracy theorists, New Age geeks, and people who need help. No, it is made from you, for you!

MANUAL : First, click here :

(Use Gloomy’s magnifier to search for specific keywords.)

1/ Close your eyes for a second or two and make contact with your spiritual “guides”, your Higher Me., the Absolute Self.

2/ Ask a question, ask for help, anything you need.

3/ Take a good look at the titles and the pictures.

4/ On a specific moment you’ll feel a click in your body and mind… (you’ll know when to enter the rabbit hole.)

5/ Open the page and read the comments below the video.

6/ Do your research!

7/ Repeat when necessary.

Et voilà!

These tracks are in chronological order, most of his music sound really awful, but when Gloomer became Gloomy in 2018, it all started to sound better.

When you listen to his music, your DNA will alter positively. This project will put you on the right track. It will take you to One. The story is far more important than production technology.

Gloomy is a producer based in Belgium. Heavily influenced by the real Belgian New Beat and Metal, his music is a sonic representation of the mind and soul that is called Gloomy. You can download all of his tracks FOR FREE in high quality on : (e-Gloomy-nations & Gloomer).

Please enjoy & KCCO! 🙂

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